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The differtent adhesives

On our website you can find a choice of labels with different types of adhesives. These adhesives have different properties and user options.

Our range of labels is available with two types of adhesives. Permanent adhesive and removable adhesive. In turn, permanent adhesive can be subdivided into TOP and ECO. The adhesives are explained below.

Permanent adhesive (TOP Permanent & ECO Permanent):
Permanent adhesive is acrylic based, as well as water based. The advantage, but also the disadvantage, is that the label cannot be removed in its entirety once it has been stuck on to something. The label tears when attempting to remove it.

Just to complicate things, there are two types of permanent adhesive. TOP permanent (also referred to as Permanent) and ECO permanent. ECO stands for economically justifiable, the cheapest option, and hence ECO permanent adhesive is less adhesive than TOP permanent. Moreover, ECO permanent does not have an extra protective layer for uv light, moisture, fats and alcohol whilst TOP permanent does. TOP permanent also has a longer life span than ECO permanent.

Removable adhesive (TOP Removable):
Removable adhesive is a composition of acrylics combined with hot melt. The advantage of TOP Removable (also referred to as Removable) is that the label can be removed easily without leaving adhesive remnants on the surface underneath. Consequently, removable adhesive is often used for bottles that need to be recycled. Mainly because great savings can be made in the bottle cleaning process. Moreover, removable adhesive is extremely suitable for book covers, CD’s/DVD’s and files.

If the difference between permanent and removable is not clear, or if you would like to know more about TOP- and/or ECO permanents, please call or mail one of our colleagues and ask for the use-options regarding the various types of adhesives.